Export and Import Outlook 365 Emails

If I have a conversation of more than 35 messages in the same thread and I want to forward it to another user (i.e. not the whole thread, just those 35 messages) or in to PST or OST file (correct me If I was wrong or suggest the extension file name).

I want the other user to be able to click on the file and view that conversation. I can say my view using the file and not by the whole thread in my messages. Is it possible in outlook 365 2014 (outlook web access 2014).


You can use Clean Up Conversation feature in Outlook 2013 to clean up the entire conversation. The feature will take multiple e-mails and condense them into a single e-mail. For the Clean Up Conversation to work, the e-mails can not be forwarded, responded to with different e-mail addresses (e-mails removed, e-mails added, etc). You can then File > Save As > Msg (Outlook message) file.

If you select multiple e-mails, you can File > Save As > Text instead. You can clean up the text file and remove the redundant portions manually.

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