I have a drive 80GB ( Formatted as Primary 1 Partition - MBR ) installed Windows 8.1 64bit.

Second, 500GB using for Ubuntu 14.04LTS 64bit ( Dual Boot )

Third, I bought recently 1000GB want to use as 1 partition for data drive for both Operating Systems.

Please suggest what is the proper partition style ( MBR or GPT ) and how should I format this drive in my case?

  • MBR simple recovery after crush HDD. – STTR Feb 18 '15 at 9:23

Here is what you should do for your 1TB Drive with a Single Partition to work on Ubuntu and Windows:

  1. Ubuntu allows writing files to NTFS out of the box.
  2. Windows supports NTFS to it's full capacity of course, as it's their own Microsoft technology.
  3. Since the partition on the drive is going to be NTFS, and it's going to be the only partition, you should use MBR. It works well with NTFS.

You should use GPT only when you have complex partitioning needs and huge drive capacities. For example:

  • MBR allows a maximum of 4 primary partitions. We can overcome this with GPT.
  • MBR allows a maximum partition size of 2TB. We can overcome this with GPT.
  • Booting from a GPT volume to a Windows environment requires a system with UEFI and 64-bit support.


Keep it simple and easy, and use NTFS with MBR.


I suggest to use GPT, because it is the newer partition style. Linux supports GPT. The filesystem depends what are planing to do and what are your security concerns. I would recommend ntfs, when you use this 1000 GB disk only a data pool. This filessystem is reachable from both OSs.

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