I'm on a linux workstation behind a microsoft proxy server so I've installed cntlm to handle proxy authentication.

Now I want to add some more complexity; I want failed requests to use another network interface. Is this possible? To clarify my request:

  • Start request from a client (browser, package manager, ecc...) through cntlm local proxy -> eth0 -> network proxy
  • If the request is succesful: ok, end of the workflow
  • Otherwise: retry the request using eth1 without passing through cntlm

Another acceptable solution is to use specific routes for intersted IPs, I tried this solution but I was not able to make it work. Requests still pass through cntlm, failing because parent proxy doesn't exist


using an additional network adapter do not have anything to do with cntlm. You have to configure a proper routing, add a secondary route with a higher distance. I cannot suggest you the right one, this depends on the ip address and the network you use.

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  • ryder, thank you for the response. Cntlm gets on the way when I try to use the network interface connected to the "open" network not behind proxy. Anyway your answer suggested me a possible solution to my problem. Thank you again – kanly Feb 19 '15 at 13:10

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