A coworker recently enabled an extra view inside Outlook, so that when he opens up a meeting on his calendar he immediately sees a list of the people attending the meeting.

How do you enable this in Outlook 2013?

An Outlook calendar event with a list of attendees shown

(I know you can simply switch to the Scheduling Assistant view, but I want to see everything in a single view! First-world problems.)


The answer is not in the Options window or even the messages pane. It was tucked away in the Views ribbon with some other options that are exclusive to the window.

View ribbon, People Pane, set to Normal

  • It should be noted that you need to enable the Outlook Social Connector 2013 add-on for this trick to work. I had just disabled several extensions, but luckily I had kept this one.

  • Once this is set, you can even enable the Reading Pane to have the meeting recipients, meeting notes, and calendar in the same Outlook window.


If you click propose new time, you can see the other people.

You don't have to send the new proposed time.

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