This is my Problem:

Before my BIOS Update I can boot directly from my Pen drive by pressing F9 key to install Ubuntu.

Now I cannot able to boot from my pendrive.
I have enabled Legacy Support and disabled Secure Boot.
But Boot Manager does not show any USB Drive Entry to boot.

I have tried the following:

  • Bios Restored to Old version.
  • Created Bootable Live USB using Universal USB Installer.

About Laptop: My Laptop Model is HP Pavilion 15 -e039tx
BIOS Version :Insyde F 23

Hiw do I resolve this issue?


What you could try is placing the USB drive onto a different port, perhaps using a USB 2.0 if you aren't already.

Additionally, you could try accessing your BIOS and then directly booting from the USB there, instead of using F9.

Hope it helps!

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