So here is my problem, I accidentally (still not sure how) changed Google home page favicon to another's site favicon, and now I can't change it back. It's synchronized across all my devices. So far I tried to open Google page source, and open favicon directly then press refresh. It worked until restart. I also tried to disconnect from chrome sync and delete ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/favicons. Again it worked up until I connected back to sync, then it changed back, to another's site favicon. Is there a way to force chrome sync to update sites favicons? Sorry for my poor English.

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Ok, so I fixed that by opening Google favicon directly, refreshing the page, and then adding Google home page to the bookmarks. Apparently Chrome sync each time you add a new bookmark. Later I also discovered chrome://sync/ where you can manage all you sync data including favicons, so it probably would've helped me too.

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