Everywhere I look I cannot find anywhere, that give a guide on how to boot into the bios on the y500. Can anyone help? I have been looking for hours.


The Lenovo Y500 User Guide, on p. 26, states the following:

"BIOS setup utility

What is BIOS setup utility?

The BIOS setup utility is ROM-based software. It communicates basic computer information and provides options for setting boot devices, security, hardware mode, and other preferences.

How can I start the BIOS setup utility?

To start the BIOS setup utility:

  1. Shut down the computer.
  2. Press the Novo button and then select BIOS Setup."

Just press F2 continuously when you start your computer (when you see the Lenovo's logo).

Source: I'm using Lenovo Y500. :)

  • It turns to the Boot menu. – M. Rostami Aug 24 '20 at 6:57

Lenovo Yoga 500 and Windows 8.1 in order to go to BIOS/UEFI Firmware Settings-> Change PC Setting-> Update and Recovery-> Recovery -> in Advanced Startup click restart now -- After Restarting: Troubleshoot-> Advanced Options-> UEFI Firmware Settings-> and then you directly go to BIOS

If you don't find the option UEFI Firmware Settings in Advanced Options then the only way is the Novo button after shutting down(other Lenovos)


Instead of using annoying Novo button, just pres Fn + F2 button combination continuously after restarting the PC. Actually, most people who has got the same problem looks for a solution which does not include the use of Novo button as indicated on Yoga 500 - How to enter BIOS?. Hope this helps...

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    Confirming, this works. (well, it worked on my Yoga 500...) – David Balažic Jan 7 '18 at 14:56
  • @DavidBalažic I am happy that it solved the problem :) Thanks for feedback... – Murat Yıldız Jan 7 '18 at 22:56

On some of these Y500 Yoga netbooks, the Novo button is not a button at all, it is a small hole next to the power switch, with a horseshoe sign next to it. All you do is to power off the netbook. Then push into the hole with a paperclip once and it will power on and boot into a multichoice screen, which will allow you to select boot device, or to enter BIOS/UEFI and make changes.


Make sure that the laptop is plugged in and charging before you press the NOVO button otherwise nothing will happen! ;)

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