I regularly mount the partitions inside an image file as loop devices:

sudo kpartx -a test.img

That creates loop devices such as


When I'm done, I get rid of them with

sudo kpartx -d test.img

and usually the loop devices go away. But sometimes, they don't, and I don't know why. If I then do a:

sudo losetup -d /dev/mapper/loop0p1

losetup seems happy enough, except that the device stays. How do I get rid of them without rebooting?

  • When it does happen, are you sure test.img is still fully accessible and that no program had used it without passing by the loopback device? – user2284570 Feb 23 '15 at 21:49
  • The image file is still there. But I don't understand what you mean with "no program had used it". Is there a rule that it can't be? For example, I might install grub to the image file, while the partitions inside are still mounted via loop devices. Is that a no-no? – Johannes Ernst Feb 23 '15 at 22:52
  • It would mean that the content of the file is different from what the kernel try to handle trough the loop device. – user2284570 Feb 23 '15 at 22:55
  • I would understand potentially undefined results. But not that I'm prevented from removing the loop device. (And I'm not certain that this is the right explanation; there seem to be cases where I didn't touch the image) – Johannes Ernst Feb 23 '15 at 23:26
  • No, because it is likely to turn the kthread responsible for the loop device into an hung task. As long as the pid exist the loop can't get deleted. – user2284570 Feb 23 '15 at 23:28

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