On a subversion repo, I just added 2 GB (100 files) to my local copy, and committed.

FTR this is using the popular Versions.app as a client - the repo is an ordinary xp-dev svn repo.

It's now 1/2 way through and has uploaded half the files to the subversion repo (let's say 55 of the files about 1gb total.)

In fact:

if I hit "cancel" at this point, will those 55 files be committed? Will it make a commit (say, commit #174 with 55 new files)? Or in fact, will it just 'completely waste' that 1gb of upload?

what's the facts on that? Thanks.

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SVN commits are atomic: the commit happens either completely or not at all. If you cancel the commit process, the data uploaded so far will be discarded and no new revision will be created.


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