Is there a way to simply save a whole configurated system ?

I have both a Windows and a Linux installed, both with software configured. I'd like to be able to "save it" so that when it crashed for a reason or another, or when I want to reinstall it, I could do it very fast.

I've thought about dd-ing the whole stuff in a proper format to avoid using Gigabytes of space, but I don't know if it is the best idea ... It could work, but then, how can I get my Boot with both OSes back ?

Can I make some sort of "restoration disks" that I could apply back to restore the system ?

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I would do an image with clonezilla. it has the option to do the entire disk as one image including any boot sector stuff. (Read the options when doing it though. I am not sure if boot sector and such is selected by default.)

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