In Opera I was able to add an item to the context menu which was bound to a script on my filesystem. So, for example, when I right-clicked an image and clicked on this menu-item, the URL was passed to this local script as an argument.

Is there any way to do this with FireFox (even if it's not context-sensitive, i.e. just pass the current page's URL)?

There used to be an extension to do this called ContextMenu Extensions but it's over a decade old and Firefox version 0.5 :)


You can do this by writing an add-on that will add a menu to Firefox. The Add a Menu Item to Firefox tutorial explains how this can be done using the Add-on SDK from the Mozilla Developer Network.

There might be some other existing add-ons out there you can leverage which will modify the menus for you as well, but using the Add-on-SDK is not too difficult and gives you the most flexibility.

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