I need to (temporarily) jail a non-privileged user.

I tried something like:

sudo chroot --userspec=mcon:users /wherever/chroottarget /bin/bash -i

This almost works, but it doesn't set env vars (while "sudo" does!), so I get the error:

bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied

How can I solve the problem? (NOTE: the above command should be inside a bash script)

UPDATE: I found a (rather convolute) way to do what I need:

sudo bash -c "HOME=<jailed home> chroot --userspec=<user>:<group> <chroottarget> /bin/bash -i"

Ideally I should read HOME from jailed /etc/passwd, along with all other environment (take them from jailed /etc/profile), this "solution" will keep intact all variables in the caller environment.

Is there a better way?


You need to change the environment variable $HOME to match the user's.

export HOME=/home/user-name

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