I have a table with 1000+ rows. One column is the Item Name. Each Item Name is unique, but will appear in 8 to 15 rows contiguous of data (before going to the next item name), the number of rows in each dataset can vary.

I need to apply a formula (LINEST, etc) to that only references each Item's set of data. So I need some formula help to make a cell reference that starts at the beginning and ends at the end of the Item's set of data.

I think the solution will be like the helper column created in the post Colour coding blocks of rows using conditional formatting

Item Name   Data 1  Data 2
10L-101-1   20.0    1.75
10L-101-1   17.5    1.49
10L-101-1   15.0    1.24
10L-101-1   12.5    0.92
10L-101-1   10.0    0.63
10L-101-1   7.5     0.41
10L-101-1   5.0     0.24
10L-101-1   2.5     0.11
10L-101-1   0.0     0.00
10L-102-1   20.0    0.35
10L-102-1   17.5    0.30
10L-102-1   15.0    0.25
10L-102-1   12.5    0.23
10L-102-1   10.0    0.11
10L-102-1   7.5     0.07
10L-102-1   5.0     0.04
10L-102-1   2.5     0.01
10L-103-1   0.0     0.00
10L-103-1   20.0    1.75
10L-103-1   17.5    1.50
10L-103-1   15.0    1.27
10L-103-1   12.5    0.92
10L-103-1   10.0    0.62
10L-103-1   7.5     0.40
10L-103-1   5.0     0.23
10L-103-1   2.5     0.08
10L-103-1   0.0     0.00
  • Not sure if you need this on a one-time basis, ongoing basis, or if the part numbers are always the same. If one-time or the part numbers are always the same, you could do an advanced filter > unique values and copy this to another column, then do SUMIF in the adjacent columns. – BillDOe Feb 26 '15 at 1:32

You could use INDEX or OFFSET for this - INDEX is usually preferable because it's not a "volatile" function like OFFSET.

For a specific item name in E2 use this formula to get the column B range of data for that item number


If you want column C obviously change both B:B refs to C:C and for both columns together change the second B:B only to C:C

The OFFSET version:


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