I want to collect Facebook stickers as .png or .jpg files. If anyone already has them, please share with me. Or, is there a way to download them? Currently, I have a workaround solution to download one by one stickers that I send a sticker to someone in chat box, then right-click > Inspect Element > Find link of the sticker > View it in the new page > save it as .jpg.

  • Just download them one-by-one, as you are now. Then, when you get tired of doing that, go do something more useful. Read a book, write a poem, enjoy some time with friends. – misha256 Feb 26 '15 at 9:50

There's a tool doing the job: https://github.com/BirkhoffLee/facebook_sticker_extract.

It's written in Python and super fast, different extract size options available.


I find the answer myself, which access to http://facebookstickers.info/bun/, download a sticker that I need. Then use photoshop to cut them into seperate icons

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