I'm running the Tower git client on OS X and want to be able to open it to a repo already on disk and added to its list. Looking at their custom URL scheme documentation, it seems like it might be possible:


Called like this, the Tower app will open and offer to either clone or open the given repository.

When I do this, though, I'm always prompted with the clone dialog, regardless if Tower knows about the repo in question. A command like the following seems like it should open the existing repo, but it too shows the clone dialog:

cd reponame
open gittower://openRepo/`git remote -v | head -1 | awk '{print $2}'`

I've also tried the file:///-based path to the on-disk repo as well, which results in no dialog at all.

Has anyone had success opening Tower to an existing repo?


I found a way!

Under Preferences → Integration, you can install a command line tool, gittower, which can open a local repo. You use it by calling gittower /path/to/repo. gittower . works nicely if your current directory is a clone of the repo in question.

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