My Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop features the Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200 processor. When I bought it, it came preinstalled with Windows Vista Home Basic, 32-bit. I'm considering upgrading it to Windows 7 Home Premium, but I don't know whether I should order the 64-bit or 32-bit version. The information I found on the web has been confusing.

Does anyone know if my laptop supports 64-bit OS?


Go to support.dell.com and enter your laptop service tag. Look at the shipped configuration, locate the row for the CPU. Is it a 5000 series? If so, it is a 64 bit.

Or, a less scientific method would be to look at the drivers list and see if there are any 64 bit drivers.

(My Dell laptop has a 64 bit CPU but only preinstalled Vista Home 32 bit :-( )


You can try using a program like CPU-Z to see your processor information

You'll want to look for either EM64T or AMD64 in the "Instructions" field:

CPU-Z Screenshot


Before spending the money for a 64 bit OS, you may wish to make sure that the rest of the chipset can take advantage of the extra address space. I was very disappointed to find out that, even with a 64 bit OS on a Dell D820, I could still only access a maximum of 3.2 GB of RAM.


According to Intel sSpec finder, your Pentium Dual Core T4200 does indeed have 64-bit support.


Just make sure the rest of your machines meets the requirements for Windows 7. Otherwise you could rock Vista or XP x64 -- but I don't see why your machine wouldn't run Windows 7 x64.


strong text if your system is sport 32 bit of windows OS u can by or upgrade 32 bit OS coz your system is build with 32 bit sporting hard wears


The Pentium 4 Dual Core T4200 has a 64-bit instruction set alright, but this is not the only criterion. I recommend to use the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

The program will tell you if your system is suitable for 64-bit Windows.

alt text

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