When I execute this command under MacOS/X:

ps -M 9358

I get this output:

jaf   9358 s009    0.0 S    31T   0:00.21   0:00.32 /Users/jaf/some-program
      9358         0.0 S    33T   0:00.00   0:00.00 
      9358        23.6 R    63R   0:01.13   1:18.74 
      9358        24.1 R    63R   0:02.86   1:20.32 
      9358         5.8 S    63R   0:00.91   0:21.53 
      9358        15.7 S    63R   0:00.56   1:02.22 
      9358         0.0 S    31T   0:00.00   0:00.00 
      9358         0.0 S    31T   0:00.09   0:00.11 

My questions is about the values in the PRI column. I understand that they are thread priorities (and that larger numbers mean higher-priority threads, I think), but what do the "T" and "R" suffixes indicate? (I couldn't find any explanation of this in the "man ps" page)


As explained in the official Mac OS X man page for ps, the suffix indicates the state of the process:

  • I: Marks a process that is idle (sleeping for longer than about 20 seconds).
  • R: Marks a runnable process.
  • S: Marks a process that is sleeping for less than about 20 seconds.
  • T: Marks a stopped process.
  • U: Marks a process in uninterruptible wait.
  • Z: Marks a dead process (a “zombie”).
  • Good answer. But when providing a detailed list like this, it’s always best to provide a source and a link if possible. Just did this myself to help round out this great answer. Mar 10 '15 at 22:52
  • @JakeGould I thought about using dots. Next time. Thanx for the edit. ;-)
    – klanomath
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