I've decided to remove my old linux [/] partition and enlarge my Win7 partition, before install new linux distro. For first time in my experience something gone wrong when I tried to resize (enlarge into free space) my Win7 Partition with kde partition tool under Linux Mint. Partition tool failed to do that, and now I have my Win7 part. as unknown with information:

Unable to detect file system! Possible reasons are: - The file system is damaged - The file system is unknown to GParted - There is no file system available (unformatted) - The device entry /dev/sdb2 is missing

Without any chences to boot into it or restore or read any data. I don't like to lost this partition. There is still grub on part table, but booting into grub rescue.

Please help:) Lucas

  • Consider the following : - Post here your current HDD partition structure by either taking screenshot of Partition Tool or using fdisk. - Be more specific about where the location of Old Linux Partition and Windows 7 was before this incident? - While @RobJ suggested a very fine advise, you may, if that fails, would like to search for any log(s) which Partition Tool might have taken before making changes. It would be very useful if it contains the Start and End of the sectors of various partitions before this incident. We can use it to revert back. – Firelord Mar 1 '15 at 1:24

On another system, prepare a live CD containing TestDisk, and boot the problem system with it. You should be able to use it to find and restore your partitions and partition table.

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