How to enter 4 x 1 matrix in One Note Math Editor?

I don't see any appropriate visual option

enter image description here

and I don't see any non-visual options at all.

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Matrix 4x1 can be linearly represented with:

[\matrix (@@@)]

In general matrix m x n can be represented with m-1 @ and n-1 &.


Lots of office equation syntaxes can be found in this article: The Word 2007/2010 Equation Editor


You can add an existing matrix size similar to what you need, like the 3x1, then right click the inserted matrix and select linear.

This will give a simpler representation of that matrix, with at signs (@) signaling the start of rows and ampersands (&) signaling contents of a column/cell, which you can then try and add to by mimicking the style.

When I created a 3 row by 1 column matrix, this is what the linear format looks like:

■8(@@) -> ■8(@@@)

So I can just add another @ symbol to create another row to make it a 4x1 matrix. I am not entirely sure what characters the black box and 8 represent, but if you leave them, moving back to professional mode seems to work.

One you have turned the 3x1 matrix into a 4x1 matrix, right click it again and select professional. This should change it back to the more visual style you desire.

Source: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2010-word/equation-editor-matrices-in-word-2010/f31607e6-f49e-46eb-a176-97276e46a7cd

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