I am using “Place” command in Photoshop to import .ai file. Is there any quality loss after using this steps:

  • Save file in Illustrator at some default size—i.e 400x400px—using .ai extension or any other vector image format,

  • Import file in Photoshop using “Place” command.

  • Resize file to 800x800px.

  • Confirm the “Place” command.

Or it would be better approach to create an art of size 800x800 directly in Adobe Illustrator, and then place it in Photoshop without resizing?

I know that quality suffer when resizing bitmap, but is this happen before we apply “Place” command as well?


As long as the Illustrator file is a vector image, then quality should not change since vector images are basically a pile of instructions to draw an image and the “default” size you save it as in Illustrator is just a default size to be used when no other size is specified. Such as when you just open it straight with no intervention in Illustrator or Photoshop..

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    This make some sense...I got different answers on different forums...One of them was : "You have to make image 800x800 or larger, and then shrink it down"... Which I find kind of confusing, because if I have to do that, then what is the purpose of Place command, vectors and initial shrinking option when using Place command...Thanks for your reply! – Whirlwind Mar 3 '15 at 22:38

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