I know it is possible to disable auto log out from control panel. I want to know is there a way to prevent windows from locking/ sleeping without changing any security options.


You can download and run this little program: No Sleep

It moves your mouse once a minute by one pixel. Thus it prevent you windows to go to sleep mode.

  • This program seems can no longer be accessed in its original location. It says permission denied. – xji Jan 7 '17 at 23:24
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    @JIXiang, I found a copy here of this file here: Todd Cramer’s Blog – Wernfried Domscheit Jan 8 '17 at 7:01

This can be done by the following:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on Power Options
  3. Click on Change plan settings (to which ever plan is selected)
  4. Change 'Put the computer to sleep' on NEVER
  5. Click Save Changes
  • Which requires admin access. and i dont want that. – Nikitesh Kolpe Mar 6 '15 at 9:40
  • Then it's policy driven and you won't be able to without the correct access rights. @NikiteshKolpe – Chris Mar 6 '15 at 14:34
  • I think this should be the best answer since it relies on some inherent mechanism of Windows instead of any third-party tools. – xji Jan 8 '17 at 7:08
  • @JIXiang I disagree, it doesn't answer the question being how to prevent Windows from sleeping without admin rights. – Otiel Mar 26 '18 at 15:50

You could use this AutoHotkey script:

CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
    ; Move mouse
    MouseMove, 1, 1, 0, R
    ; Replace mouse to its original location
    MouseMove, -1, -1, 0, R
    ; Wait before moving the mouse again
    Sleep, 600000

You can download the portable version of AutoHotkey here.

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