Is there any way to stop Notepad++ from writing its config. files to every folder that I edit a file in. I've tried installing with default options only and it still creates that folder with its config. files in it.

Thanks Bob

  • Hmm. Notepad++ is not writing any extra files here. What is the name of the file it is writing? – DavidPostill Mar 6 '15 at 17:08
  • in any folder when I edit a file it creates a folder named notepatt++ with 5 .xml files in it.. – rdealmeida Mar 7 '15 at 2:34

When opening a file Notepad++ will create a folder named "Notepad++" in the current working directory. The folder will have 5 files config.xml, contextMenu.xml, langs.xml, shortcuts.xml and stylers.xml.

You maybe able to fix this issue by disabling the Cloud service option (available in recent versions of Notepad++). Settings -> Preferences -> Cloud select "No Cloud", if a service is selected but disabled (grayed out) then it is a good indication that is the cause of the problem.

A common occurrence is to select the cloud option while a cloud service is installed and running. Then removing or disabling the service. Notepad++ will gray the radio box but wont un-select it (because the folder still exists at this point) at a later date if the local folder, that caches the cloud services files, is deleted then Notepad++ will revert to saving configuration files in the current working directory.

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