I have a big image manipulation program that runs slow and that I am used to run with no other apps. I want to permanently set the exe to run at a higher priority.

I could run it through a batch file that would look like

cmd /c start/high %APP%

but I am looking for a cleaner way to do that, like a file property. I use win7

**Note: ** I know this question has been posted and partially answered for winXP on Setting process priority everytime it is launched? ; things should have evolved.

**Note: ** Is there a third party app-launcher that would give me such options?


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I can't think of any alternatives not listed in the previous question you mentioned, except maybe AutoHotkey..

AutoHotkey provides a simple way to launch applications using the Process method. You can also set the priority when you launch your app. See here for details. Here's a simple example (from memory and untested):


Process Wait, Notepad.exe, 10
if %ErrorLevel% = 0
    MsgBox Notepad did not start within 10 seconds..
Process Priority, , High

At least the nice thing about launching a shortcut to the AHK script instead of the DOS start command is there won't be a command prompt window flashing up and/or showing on the taskbar..

  • You could use a batch to exe converter to create a hidden application out of the batch file with the start command to hide the flashing up command window.
    – ib11
    May 16, 2019 at 1:31

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