I recently switched to a Belkin N150 wireless router, and I can no longer connect to other machines on my wireless network. Whenever I try to ping or ssh to another laptop on the network, it just hangs. Additionally, if I start a web server my laptop, I can't access it from any other machine (phones included). Similarly to ssh, they just hang while trying to load it.

Before this router I had an older Airport Extreme, and I did not have any issues connecting to other machines.

Why can't I connect to other machines?

Things I've tried:

  • Connecting either via IP or .local
  • Switching ports for the HTTP server (and using as the hostname)
  • Checking the router logs to ensure that I'm hitting the correct IP's
  • ssh'ing or loading the webpage on the computer serving it up (to ensure that I've got the correct port/IP address)
  • arp(8)'ing the other host with arp <other ip> — I get (incomplete) for the link layer address
  • arp -l -a(incomplete) for the other machines' link layer addresses
  • sudo arp -d -a — still doesn't fix it

I updated the firmware and this is all working now. ~*facepalm*~

It's an N150 V1, so I downloaded the 1.00.13 version firmware from Belkin's skeezy, not-https firmware updates page, so I'm probably getting hacked rn. Oh wait, the page title says "official," I'm sure it's cool.

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