How can i search for "//packages/thirdparty/release/main.txt #10" and replace #10 with #15(set VARIABLE="#15") using batch commands and also ignoring spaces. #10 can be anything, lets assume #XXX. example in command line is preferred.


   //packages/thirdparty/release/config.txt                    #8
   //packages/thirdparty/release/config2.txt   #3
   //packages/thirdparty/release/config1.txt    #4
   //packages/thirdparty/release/main.txt            #10

This is my try

set $FindStr=//packages/thirdparty/release/main.txt#10
set $ReplString=//packages/thirdparty/release/main.txt#15

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
for /f "delims=" %%a in ('type testlog.txt') do (
   set $Ver=%%a
   set $Ver=!$Ver: =!
   If /i !$Ver!==%$FindStr% set $Ver=%$ReplString%
   echo !$Ver! ) >> testlog.txt
  • In Windows, a command can be executed for multiple files using the forfiles command. The /s option tells it to search directories recursively. forfiles /s /m *.txt /c "perl -pi -e s/search-term/replace-term/g @path" Substitute @path with /p \path\to\start\search\ to start the search from a different path than the current directory. Source: stackoverflow.com/questions/5482900/… – karel Mar 10 '15 at 20:05

You could use the REPL.BAT script to do this. Just save it and run it like this:

 type testlog.txt|repl.bat "#\d\d?$" "#15"

If you only wanted to replace a certain number then you just need a slight modification:

 type testlog.txt|repl.bat "#10$" "#15"

If you want even more control over how things are replaced then you could use another script for that:

COPY /A testlog.txt textlog.out.txt >nul
FOR %%S IN ( 1 3 4 8 10 20 ) DO (
    COPY /A textlog.out.txt textlog.tmp.txt >nul
    TYPE textlog.tmp.txt|repl.bat "#%%S$" "#!VARIABLE!" > textlog.out.txt
DEL textlog.tmp.txt
  • thanks for quick reply.. but i would only like to change " //packages/thirdparty/release/main.txt #10" and #10 can be anything. so lets assume #10 = #XX. and #15 comes from a variable.. can i use %VARIABLE%? – Mihir Mar 10 '15 at 20:21
  • that is cheating a little bit, because it's not pure batch and the question did say batch. Nevertheless, it is written by a king of batch, dave benham, so repl.bat is probably as batchy as one can get for this particular problem – barlop Mar 10 '15 at 20:27
  • From your link "REPL.BAT has been superceded by JREPL.BAT, available at viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6044. I am no longer maintaining REPL.BAT" – DavidPostill Mar 10 '15 at 22:22
  • Ya, that's why I like this one better. It isn't going to change later. If you want the newer one then use that. It is very similar. – krowe Mar 10 '15 at 22:30

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