I have 6 cells, A1-A6 in Sheet1.

A1,A3,& A5 contain numbers 1-3

A2,A4,& A6 contain the date the numbers changed.

A1 & A2 will be filled first. I want to display both cells in Sheet2 in B1 & B2.

When A3 & A4 are filled, I want to replace the contents of B1 & B2 with the new data.

Similarly, when A5 & A6 are filled I want to replace the contents of B1 & B2 with the new data.

I need to keep all the data in Sheet1 but only want the latest data displayed in Sheet2.

Is there a formula that can do this as I need it automatically? I am unable to use VBA or macros to do this.


A) It's usually good form to show what you've tried

B) this would have probably been better posted on Stack Overflow.SE

I have set up Column A with these 6 rows:


Based on that, I put these formulas in other cells on the same sheet

'return the odd numbered row (1, 2 or 3)
'return the associated date

You'll need to change the cell references to point to the appropriate sheet.

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In Sheet2 cell B1 enter:


and in cell B2 enter:


These formulas assume you are filling Sheet1 in pairs and in the order indicated.

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