(Complete font newbie here) I took a stock font and created a certain glyph which was the combination of other glyphs

The steps involved were:

I then embedded the font in my webpage. The problem I'm facing is that while my webpage display fine on some browser + OS combinations and not on others. Here's the combination: Linux = Ubuntu 13.04

  • Displays perfectly: Win10 + IE, Linux + Firefox, Linux + Chrome, Linux+PhantomJS

  • Doesn't display the long glyph but shows empty space that long. Win10 + Firefox, Win10 + Chrome, Win7+Firefox, Win7+IE

  • Displays space 1 glyph long Win7+Chrome, Win10+PhantomJS

Would anyone know why this is happening, and if there is a solution to this?

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The script generates composite glyphs by referencing (linking) to the component glyphs. So if you combine [A] and [B] to [AB] and [AB] and [C] to [ABC], the latter will not be a standalone glyph. For example, if you make changes to [A], [AB] and [ABC] will also change.

Therefore deleting the intermediate glyphs ([AB] in the example) will cause problems and it’s surprising rather suprising that it did work on some platforms.

  • Also, if you have questions on that script, please ask me first, as I am very likely to be able to answer them in no time. You probably wasted more moderator’s time with this question than mine. – Wrzlprmft Mar 14 '15 at 21:35

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