I'm trying to find the Devices settings for Emulation in Chrome developer tools too add some user agents. I can open the emulation tool, but I cannot find the setting to add other useragents, as outlined here:


Custom Devices Device Mode offers a wide array of devices for emulation. You can add a custom device if you find an edge-case or niche device that isn't covered. To add a custom device do the following:

Go to the DevTools Settings. Activate the Devices tab. Click on the "Add custom device" button at the bottom of the panel. Fill in the form that appears at the top of the list. Press "Add Device" Enable Device Mode and find your custom device in the device menu. Adding a custom device

enter image description here

I do not have a 'Devices' tab in my Settings. I'm using Chrome Version 41.0.2272.89 m

enter image description here


I am looking for that same missing option too. After much fiddling, I realize that the user agent string can be set under Menu:

  • More tools > Developer tools
  • Toggle device mode (the 2nd tab on the left; no, don't go to Settings)


user agent string

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