I'm trying to set up a lab environment. I have a guest with 1 2TB harddrive 16gb ram running Server 2012R2.

My host partition is is split like this:

  • C: 200GB

  • HyperV (F): 600GB (this only contains VM files)

  • HyperShare (S): 200GB (Trying to use as shared storage for all VMs)

I have HyperV role enabled on the host and 4 VMs (DC1, SQL1 AND 2 AND SP1).

What I did was shared HyperShare with "Everyone" gave full permission and in Security I gave "Everyone" Full Control.

In the DC at created a GPO at user level to map to Network Drive and assigned it to HyperShare.

When I login under a domain user I see the mapped drive but if I run powershell scripts stored in that drive I get permission errors. All I want to do is be able to easily share this partition between all my VMs with full permissions


It seems like you have added the HyperShare disk as secondary disk in hyperv manager. In stead you should make a share on your host partition and access this share in all your guests.

This is of course granted that it only is a lab env. you are setting up.

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