My iSeries is running v7r1 and I am now having the same problem as a customer of ours running v6r1, and that is that if I add a symbolic link for QDLS into a normal IFS directory, then Windows Explorer shows it as a 1kb file. Ubuntu Nautilus does not show it at all. It works as expected in WRKLNK. This used to work fine on V5r4 (iSeries).

The ADDLNK command I used:

ADDLNK OBJ('/qdls') NEWLNK('/dir1/qdls')

Thanks very much, Mark W.

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  • Briefly, for information, the answer is that if the first share you access is QDLS, then it will work fine, and you will be able to access other shares. If the first share you access is not QDLS but another IFS directory share, then you will not be able to access QDLS unless you close off all your shares first. If you access QDLS first you will be allocated a single threaded job on the iSeries for your shares - that works with everything. If you access a share other than QDLS first, you will be allocated a multi-threaded job, and that type of job cannot access QDLS. – M. A. Wheadon Nov 16 '15 at 17:35

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