So in this batch I want to make

set /p pv="2.1.5"
echo Program V : %pv%
set /p rn="0.0.1 [Initial Release] , 0.0.2 [Some Blah]"
echo %rn%
set /p rn2="1.1.3 [New Things, Bug Fix & Improvements] , [2.1.5 Stuff]"
echo %rn2%

but it won't work. The output is just

Program V
0.0.1 [Initial Release] , 0.0.2 [Some Blah] 
ECHO is off.
1.1.3 [New Things, Bug Fix & Improvements] , [2.1.5 Stuff]

My reason for using that is that when I need somewhere else to show the program version, I must not type all of that from the beginning, but I just put the

%pv% and %rn% or %rn2% ..

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The answer is simple if you read the output of set /? carefully:

SET /P variable=[promptString]

The /P switch allows you to set the value of a variable to a line of input
entered by the user.  Displays the specified promptString before reading
the line of input.  The promptString can be empty.

Omit all the /ps from the set commands and be amazed. :)

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