I am often using Ctrl-V (not Cmd-V) inside of some application (ie: source control popup in IntelliJ IDEA), lately, it started popping up an OS dialog asking me if I want to Restart, Sleep, Cancel of Shut Down (the computer). This is a global / system shortcut that works from applications.

enter image description here

I have checked in the System Preferences, but I cannot find Ctrl-V anywhere.

The questions this situation brings are:

  • How to de-assign a global shortcut in the OS?
  • What application could I have updated or install lately that would have assign that shortcut?
  • Is there a tool to manage global shortcuts or a section in the System Preferences for that?

This is an annoyance since IntelliJ IDEA uses Ctrl-V as a shortcut and I was using it quite often until this week, when this situation appeared.


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