I’m working on a log gathering/analysis solution that uses sshfs to mount remote drive for acquiring the updates of the logs in realtime. Now I want to create a Docker user to process the log that makes use of this remote drive from the sshfs Docker.

I’ve tried with volumes-from, with which only the file system device were mounted but not the mount table so I can’t see the content of sshfs from the processor’s container. Here’s what I did:

$ docker run --volumes /sshfs --rm -it --name "my_sshfs_1" --privileged my_sshfs
# mkdir /sshfs/logs  # in the container
# sshfs user@ip:remote_dir /sshfs/logs &
# ls /sshfs/logs
log1 log2 log3

In another terminal:

$ docker run --volumes-from my_sshfs_1 --rm -it ubuntu
# ls /sshfs     # in the container
# ls /sshfs/logs

I expect the last ls /sshfs/logs would show up the same files as the my_sshfs_1 container does but it doesn't. Is there a way I can achieve this? Thanks.


I finished up solving this problem by establishing an additional sshfs between the two dockers. I am still looking for better solutions :)

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