I just downloaded some zip files that were splited. (The dreamplug rootfs files to be precise).

They are called


I tried to call unzip on both of them, but each presents me with a different error message (001 says to use the last in a series, 002 says that there is something missing).

I tried opening it with the Archive Manager of my graphical file browser, but that said the zips are broken.

How do I extract a multi-file zip file in linux?


The splitting is in fact done very primitively. There is nothing special about it so that you can in fact just use cat to combine them back together. I use a combined file in this example, but you can use pipes to do this all in one step.

cat rootfs_dreamplug_v10_Aug-28-20128.zip.001 rootfs_dreamplug_v10_Aug-28-20128.zip.002 > rootfs_dreamplug_v10_Aug-28-20128_combined.zip
unzip rootfs_dreamplug_v10_Aug-28-20128_combined.zip

Remember to keep the order correctly. Else your zipfile will be corrupted.

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