I want to be able to either record key strokes or enter them in manually and be able to replay them.

For example:


  1. Manually highlight the text I want to copy.

  2. Ctrl+C

  3. Alt+Tab
    Manually position the cursor where I want to paste the text.

  4. Ctrl+V

  5. Alt+Shift+F10

  6. T

This would allow me to copy text into MS Word and set the formatting of the text.

Are there any tools for this?


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AutoHotKey can be used to make hotkeys that do what you want. It even has a recorder to ease the process of creating your script.

Here's a quick example I threw together based on what you're trying to do:

; The X, Y coordinates inside your target window to click for pasting
targetX = 0
targetY = 0

WinWait, Microsoft Word, 
    IfWinNotActive, Microsoft Word, , WinActivate, Microsoft Word, 
    WinWaitActive, Microsoft Word, 
    MouseClick, left,  %targetX%, %targetY%
    Sleep, 100

This script makes Ctrl + Alt + V a hotkey that executes the above script.


Check out AutoIt

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    I much prefer autoit for this sort of thing. It is a simple, but extremely powerful automation tool. On the other hand, how does this solve the OPs issue? Simply posting a link does not answer a question, please describe how this meets their needs.
    – MaQleod
    Jul 10, 2012 at 21:52

You can automate anything with windows, it just depends on what your needs are and your skill level.

As recommended autoit is probably the entry level of a category of tools that leads up to full blown commercial automation tools which are primarily used for testing applications.


You can do basic macros (recorded keystrokes & delays) with a Logitech G15 keyboard.


I've been using Macro Express for this sort of thing for years.

Good software, never had an issue with it - not free though.

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