For several years I’ve been using a Thecus N299 NAS server connected to a U.S. Robotics router that had a IP of 192.168.1.x. My OS is Windows 7 64bits.

A couple of days ago I changed the router with a Belkin router Model F5D8635-4 v1 that has an address (and gateway ?) of When I try to configure the NAS (connected to the WAN port) with setup wizard by using a fixed address such as it says LAN1 and LAN2 can’t be in the same segment and forces me to use DHCP in order to complete the setup.

But, when I try to reach the NAS, I’m not able to reach the NAS with the address (ERR-CONNECT_REFUSED). If I try to use the LAN port on thecus NAS Thecus wizard doesn't detect the NAS.

Please help me because I need to reach the data I have on the NAS. I’ve tried to read info on the Thecus forum and it seems that there is conflict with 192.168.2.x address but I've not understood how to solve practically this issue.

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The NAS should be on a LAN interface. Is your computer on the wireless network? If so, I would guess that the default security policy is preventing either uPNP or Multicast traffic (or both) between the WAN and LAN network segments. If not, I would still guess it is the same issue but without needing to explicitly permit cross-zone traffic of the aforementioned types.

According the the online manual, uPNP is disabled by default and you enable it under the UPnP Enabling section on the utilities page - Give that a shot.

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