I can look at the list of running processes/services by either going to Task Manager, or by typing tasklist in a console window. However, while both of these methods show me the list of running processes, neither one shows me which user account each process is running under. How can I see that information?


How can I see which user accounts are running which processes?

Solution 1 - Using the TaskManager

Click on the details tab to see see processes and users.

enter image description here

Source Windows 8 Task Manager In-depth Review (Updated)

Solution 2 - Using tasklist

Use the /v (Displays verbose task information) command line option:

tasklist /v

One of the output columns is "User Name".

Example output:

enter image description here

Further Reading

  • An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD command line - An excellent reference for all things Windows cmd line related.
  • tasklist - TaskList displays all running applications and services with their Process ID (PID) This can be run on either a local or a remote computer.
  • Perfect. That little "v" to the rescue. Again. Thanks, David. – Mike Diehn May 10 '17 at 13:15

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