I'm looking for a freeware/opensource application which allows me to:

  • access my webcam
  • record directly from my webcam (including sound!)

Editing is not necessary, I'll do it with VirtualDub.


Windows Movie Maker (here's a portable version with all the goodies incl. webcam capturing)

ManyCam is very popular, handy if you want to add nice effects to your webcam.

both programs are freeware.

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Oh well, I found out VirtualDub can do it too. Cheers!

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There's WebCam Recorder.

I've not used it, but from the description it seems to do everything you want.

However, this blog post (while plugging some other recorder) states:

You can use Windows Movie Maker, which comes with Windows XP and Vista

so you might not need to install anything else.

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