I was staying at a hotel, and could not get online in the room via the hotel's wireless system. I called the "technology department" who asked me for my MAC address, which he told me how to look up.

After giving him the info, he played around for a few minutes, but was unable to solve the problem. The line got cut off, and when I called back, another person in the tech dept asked me what browser I was using. I use Chrome, but he suggested I try Internet Explorer. That solved the problem, without my having to give away any "private" information.

Can the first person, who knows my MAC address, hack into my computer with it?

  • About the only use I can think that a hacker might make of your MAC is to go round to your home or office and connect to the WiFi network there, but only if it uses MAC validation. If a hacker found out where to go to do this, it would give access to all the vulnerabilities normally allowed on a trusted network, including network shares and open TCP/IP ports which are otherwise protected by the router's firewall.
    – AFH
    Mar 26 '15 at 15:01

No, he can't. MAC addresses are broadcast on a network by default, it's how switches figure out where traffic should go. Anyone that cared could easily observe many of the MAC addresses of the devices on their network.

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