I was searching the answer to question how to move files from one folder to upper folder and nowhere I have not found the answer mv name/* .

Why I can't use this to moving files to upper folder? The most voted option is mv * .[^.]* .., so my question is, why mv name/* . is wrong?



Because of globbing. mv name/* . only matches files in the folder that don't start with a dot (.). You can change that behavior by setting dotglob in a bash shell:

shopt -s dotglob

Now, you can use mv name/* . to move ALL files and folders.

As example is have a folder containing two files: file and .file:

$ echo *
$ shopt -s dotglob
$ echo *
file .file

Notice: mv * .[^.]* destination works without the dotglob, because it matches first * and second .[^.]* which matches files/folders starting with a dot (not . and ..).


You may need to also match .* not just * if the archive contained dot-files.

Also add && rmdir folder to the end o that to remove the now extraneous folder. This is save because it will only run if the mv returns success AND because rmdir will not remove a non-empty directory.

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