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I wanted to reply to the following thread: taskbar icon preview (and Alt+Tab icon preview) disappears quickly

But I am not allowed to. So I am created another here to share my experience.

First, the Behaviour
When you move over the application icon on the taskbar (that has application opened), you would expect a preview to appear. In this case, although the preview window appears, it will simply auto-disappear (i.e. closed by itself within a very short period of time, e.g. 1s). This behaviour is also evident when you use Alt-Tab.

Very frustrating!

Editing the registry, etc, does not help for me. Setting the aero peek (enable or disable or a mixture of those) also does not help.

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My Solution
After trying different ways, I found out that it was due to the battery charging setting!!! - A ridiculously stupid cause.

I believe this is a bug, but if it is not categorized as such, then I supposed the aero peek might be taking too much battery or whatever that the battery setting was configure to close it.

I am using Lenovo T440s. So all I did was to change it back from "Optimize for battery health" to "Always full charge (Start when below 96%; stop at 100%)".

Hope this help those who find the other solutions not working.


Regards, Jacky

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