When copying/pasting content into Outlook it preserves formatted code.

So if I paste content from a webpage it includes styling information. Can this be removed?

Up to now I paste the content into editor that removes formatting (such as notepad) and then re-copy / paste into outlook.


Paste it like normal, and then Word (Outlook's default editor) will offer you a little popup, in which you can click to get different paste options, including "Keep Text Only", which will keep the text but eliminate styling and other elements.

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Shortcut: Ctrl+V to Paste, Ctrl to open the paste dropdown, T to choose "Keep Text Only" (it's CTRL, release, then T; not Ctrl+T).

For related info see this other SU question:

What is the keyboard shortcut for Keep Text Only in Outlook?

To have Outlook paste in plain text by default:

  • Open Outlook.
  • File -> Options -> Mail
  • Click "Editor Options..."
  • Advanced Tab -> Scroll down to "Cut, Copy, and Paste"
  • Change "Pasting from other programs" to "Keep Text Only".

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You can adjust the other options for paste sources as you see fit. :)

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Paste using right-click menu. You'll find the paste icon with "A" character on it in Paste Options. This will remove the formatting.

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