How do I map <leader>r which clears CtrlP's cache and refreshes NERDTree's root directory?

Pseudo code, I have:

map <Leader>r :CtrlPClearCache<cr>g:NERDTreeMapRefreshRoot<cr>

CtrlPClearCache clears the cache, but I haven't found a command to refresh the root node of NERDTree, without being in a NERDTree window.


Refresh both CtrlP and NERDTree

I use a custom key map to refresh both NERDTree and CtrlP:

nmap <Leader>r :NERDTreeFocus<cr>R<c-w><c-p>:CtrlPClearCache<cr>

I've mapped it to Leader + r, but you can map it to whatever you want.

How it works:

  1. :NERDTreeFocus<cr> - Changes to the NERDTree window
  2. R - Refreshes the root node
  3. <c-w><c-p> - Goes back to the previously selected window
  4. :CtrlPClearCache<cr> - Refreshes the CtrlP cache

Note: Only works with recursive map versions (i.e. map or nmap instead of noremap or nnoremap)

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I guess you have to focus the NERDTree window in order to refresh the root. This should do the trick:

nnoremap <Leader>r :CtrlPClearCache<cr>call NERDTreeMapRefreshRoot()<cr>
function! NERDTreeMapRefreshRoot()
    if nerdtree#isTreeOpen()
        call nerdtree#putCursorInTreeWin()
        call nerdtree#invokeKeyMap('R')
        " Go back to previous window.
        wincmd p
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  • Is there no way to refresh the node tree without the NERDTree window/buffer opened? – Christian Fazzini Mar 31 '15 at 16:38
  • You'd have to ask the plugin's author for a definitive answer (or go through the (quite complex) sources), but usually, there isn't, as most Vim commands operate on the current buffer only. – Ingo Karkat Mar 31 '15 at 17:58

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