I often work with text files with very long file names, and consequently the tabs are really really wide and thus inconvenient and ugly. How do I make it so that Sublime 3 doesn't display the whole file name, but only a part of it?


Go to:

Preferences -> Settings - User

And add "enable_tab_scrolling": false to your settings file.

Press Ctrl+S and voilà, tabs are displayed as they used to be in sublime 2.

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"Enable_tab_scrolling" doesn't resolve the described problem. Honestly, I doesn't understand why another answer have so many upvotes. Nothing personal, but someone could think, that posted answer could actually resolve the problem, while it is not true.

Sorry if I sound rude, it just my lack of language skills.

The answer:

It is currently impossible, even with plugins, as I know. You can rename tab name (to trim it, say, to 20 characters), but this also would rename a filename itself, sadly.

If you want to try it yourself, launch console (Ctrl+`) and then type:

view.set_name("New tab name")

More info could be found here:





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    You're right in that the other answer doesn't really resolve my problem, but it's better than nothing so I accepted it. What I really want is to be able to set a maximum size of the tabs but still enable it to scroll, which according to you is impossible. Thank you for your answer though. – Ray Apr 8 '17 at 13:27

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