I am working on a Word document that contains both Arabic/Persian and English words and numbers.

Problem is if I add a caption for an image, its sequential number is in Latin format(123456789) not Arabic format(١٢٣٤٥٦٧٨٩). like this:
شکل 2
That must be:
شکل ٢

Change Numeral settings in Word Options > Advanced > Show document content to Hindi will solve this problem but makes all numbers in Arabic format, that is not desired. Other Numeral options is tested but did not solve this issue (Context option makes numbers in Arabic format but didn't work for caption numbers).


Using Context works correctly for caption numbers in word 2016 and 2013. In Word 2016 I have

تصویر ۱

using Context. You may need to upgrade your Microsoft Office Word.

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