I generally use Linux systems for most of my work, and some work I need to do on specific machines as I can only run certain software on each machine. I have a Windows 7 machine on which I have Publisher 2013, and need to access and modify files on a Linux machine.

If it was a Linux machine, I could use the 'Connect to server' function integrated into the File Manager (Nautilus, Nemo, etc) to connect over FTP or SFTP (FTP over SSH, sort of): sftp://user@

This mounts the attached 'server' as a folder on the machine, meaning files can be modified remotely as though they were attached locally. so i can open files in programs locally, but they are saved remotely so no local copy needed

I am aware of FTP clients like Filezilla, but I think this would involve manually transferring files to update them in the local and remote directories. I also know about SMB/samba, I would prefer to use SFTP (please).

Is there a alternative I can use on Windows 7 64bit?

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Yes, there are a number of 3rd-party tools that will enable something like this on Windows.

are three that I'm aware of.


A much easier option is to use sshfs-win.
and here is how to go about it based on the official docs:


  • Install the latest version of WinFsp.
  • Install the latest version of SSHFS-Win. Choose the x64 or x86 installer according to your computer's architecture.

Basic Usage

Once you have installed WinFsp and SSHFS-Win you can map a network drive to a directory on an SSHFS host using Windows Explorer or the net use command.

Windows Explorer ---- In Windows Explorer select This PC > Map Network Drive and enter the desired drive letter and SSHFS path using the following UNC syntax: \\sshfs\REMUSER@HOST[\PATH]

The first time you map a particular SSHFS path you will be prompted for the SSHFS username and password. You may choose to save these credentials with the Windows Credential Manager in which case you will not be prompted again.

In order to unmap the drive, right-click on the drive icon in Windows Explorer and select Disconnect.

enter image description here

Side note: In case you want to access a specifc directory and not home directory, when you are setting the map network, you can do :


example :


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