I asked this question on the MSDN forums, but I suspect I'll get a quicker answer here.

I'm a developer working alone. When I discovered VS Community, the website makes it look free for 1-5 developers. When I downloaded it, installed it, and then opened it, I got a message box pop-up that said my trial had expired.

I've previously used the VS Professional trial, and uninstalled that when I got the same pop-up, so I assume there's some remnant, either on my machine, or on Microsoft's VS servers that's causing this error.

If VS Community is in fact free, there must be some way to get around this error, right? If it isn't free and I've misunderstood, then, well, I guess that's the way it is, and I'm stuck with VS 2013 Web Express.


According to Ramhound's comment, VS Community is free.

So now my question is, how do I get around this issue with VS Community checking to see if I've expended my 90-day trial of VS Professional?


What fixed it for me was signing out and back in. (I also reinstalled it, but I think that wasn't necessary.)

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