I set my own Wifi password and am admin for my computer. I need to add a user, but the password is not what I thought I set. With several Wifi users I want to see my Wifi password so I don't have to set up everyone all over. In the Network Properties box, the "Show characters" box is grayed out and there is no UAC shield shown. Can I run that control panel as admin? How?

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Open command prompt with admin privileges and type this:

netsh wlan show profiles [NetworkName] key=clear 

where [NetworkName] is your network SSID with no brackets, press enter, the last line of the list should show your network password.


Thanks, but I figured out my actual mistake(s) AND HAVE FOLLOWUP.


  • I use MAC address Account Control and I had forgotten that I needed to add the MAC to my secondary (bridged) router. The new iPhone is now on the target router. I was thinking that my primary (linksys) router was running this circus.
  • The password box in the Vista WLAN Status showed 8 dots leading me to conclude the password is/was not my longer 'normal' passphrase, when it actually still was.
  • The secondary router is an AirPort Extreme and entering the setup ap, via LAN, in Manual setup allows seeing that I had some MACs already added as well as the passphrase...


HOWEVER SomeNick, It'd be nice to be able know how to do as you suggest, but I get the error that 'key' is not a valid parameter for netsh. Omitting the 'key=clear' yields a valid response, but the last line is only:

"Security key : Present" Obviously, not in the clear.

I dusted off my DOS experiance and poked around the command help /?, but no hint there.

Googling to uSoft and reading up on netsh, I was able to run netsh and poked around with varying success in general trying some variations at the netsh prompt, but 'key' is still not a valid parameter/argument... even though uSoft's technet (wlanShowProfiles) says it should work...!?!?!? ...

My command window does show that I am as Admin.

FWIW:Vista Home Premium.


  • I'm guessing that key=clear is not supported on Vista. It is on Windows 7 (confirmed using netsh wlan show profiles /?) – DavidPostill Apr 8 '15 at 5:03
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