Is it possible to change the location of viber download location in windows?! Default is set to <users>\<current-user>\Documents\ViberDownloads

For ubuntu I found that it can be done as said in https://askubuntu.com/questions/558599/how-to-change-the-location-of-viber-downloads-folder

For windows I found a sqlite db file and open it, but the default folder not set in there !


This might be a bit late, but I found I way to do this...

  1. Close Viber.exe (you know, right-click on viber icon in tray and exit :) )

  2. Go to the settings folder of viber c:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Roaming\ViberPC\<your_number>\

note: This is the folder with the Viber Settings (there is another one ...\AppData\Local\Viber - this is Viber's install folder

  1. Locate the viber.db file

  2. Open it with SqLite and open the Settings table

  3. Change the DownloadFolder in the database - like on this picture

    enter image description here

note: For some reason, when you right-click on an image and select open in folder, the folder doesn't show up in explorer, but you can left-click on the image (view it) and you can open the folder from your photo viewer.

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    There's no more DownloadFolder – IMB Oct 27 '18 at 16:02
  • Must be outdated... There's no ViberPC under <user-name>\AppData\Roaming anymore. – AnT Dec 5 '18 at 18:18
  • For future references, please check @hoonose answer creating a symlink. Corrected syntax is in a comment to his answer. – dnisko Apr 18 at 9:43

It used to work this way, but nowdays there is no "DownloadFolder" setting. Do not help if I add it, Viber downloads path is still %Mydocuments%\viberdonload

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Why not replace the deeply hidden Viber media downloads folder with a symlink.

Move the downloads folder to wherever you want and then link it to the old location.

In Windows (Vista+) that would be

mklink /d %userprofile%\ViberDownloads [your_new_path]

Works like charm.

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  • Some mistakes, but still upvoting as it is perfectly valid solution. Valid syntax should in fact be: mklink /D %userprofile%\ViberDownloads [your_new_path] – Jovan Perovic Feb 3 at 17:50
  • Just try it with the lowercase switch and see it work. This is not a mistake, this is Windows, sir. – hoonose Apr 20 at 8:08
  • Just wrote what I tried and observed as an output. 🙂 Does it make difference between Win7/Win10? What about PowerShell? – Jovan Perovic Apr 20 at 8:10
  • And yes, your new (moved) folder should come second, while first comes the symlink to be created. Thanks! – hoonose Apr 20 at 8:12

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