First, I am using GNU userland so you can assume I use Bash, GNU coreutils...

I have a HTML and I want to change all




However, I don't want to change any line containing the word css (not case-sensitive)


should remain unchanged

I am currently using the command

$ cat foo.html | sed -e 's/href="[^"]*"/href=""/g' > bar.html

but it cannot retain those lines containing the word css (not case-sensitive)

Actually, any tool available in *nix is welcomed, like sed, awk, perl...

Thank for your help!


From here.

You can use:

sed '/[Cc][Ss][Ss]/! s/href="[^"]*"/href=""/g' foo.html > bar.html
  • Thanks a lot! That thread 's title is not 'grep-friendly'... – Alex Vong Apr 8 '15 at 4:12

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